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Documenting a home building project and evangelistic event which took place in Tijuana Mexico in November 2010.

Photo credits: - Chad Youngquist - John Rennert - Jim Harp

Blog by Jim Harp

Chad and Jamie

Chad and Jamie
Chad and Jamie

The Home for Home Program

Chad and Jamie Youngquist along with Chad's parents Jon and JoAnn Youngquist own Pillar Development Company which specializes in building modest starter homes in Ellensburg Washington. For each home Pillar Development builds in the USA they are committed to building a small home for an underprivileged family in a developing country. This project is known as the Home for Home Program and consists of the Youngquist family and their many friends from around the world.


The Home for Home building projects are completed in cooperation with Baja Christian Ministries.


Baja Christian Ministries (BCM) serves the spiritual and physical needs of the poor through engaging short-term mission teams in Mexico. For Churches and organizations throughout the United States, Mexico and worldwide, this Ministry provides opportunity for active, first-hand service in the third world environment.

This blog documents a Home for Home build and evangelistic event which took place in Tijuana Mexico in November 2010. The Youngquists graciously invited me to join their group for the weekend which turned out to be one of the most educational, emotional and rewarding experiences in my life.

Jim Harp

The weekend that wouldn't stop.

We all returned to San Diego that evening and spent the night at a hotel near the airport. Very early the next morning the Washington group said their goodbyes and loaded up in their rental van  for the trip to the airport. As I walked through the hotel lobby at 5 AM this greybeard started chatting with me. It turned out this gentleman is Don Pavey who 47 years ago was my shipmate aboard the USS Tom Green County, LST-1159. Please note the license plate on my truck in the picture.

You can tell you are getting old when you pose for a picture with your shirt tucked into your underpants.  (Yikes !)

Driving from San Diego to my home in Desert Hot Springs I chased this rainbow much of the way and couldn't help thinking it represented God's signature to a powerful and rewarding weekend.

What are the consequences of this weekend?

- Glory to God.
- A home for the homeless.
- Relief from pain and hearing loss for the lady at the revival.
- Bibles and study books for the spiritually needy.
- Improved understanding between neighboring cultures.
- Improved relationships with God.
- New friends.
- A blog describing good happenings.

What is missing from the list ?